Abstract Submission

The deadline for submitting abstract submissions was October 14, 2017.

Selection Criteria for Oral Presentation

The Scientific Planning Committee will choose from among submitted abstracts to fill a limited number of oral presentation slots for the SRP Annual Meeting. The criteria for selection include the following:

  1. Technical quality
  2. Relevance to session topic and conference theme: mixtures of environmental exposures and psychosocial risk factors; big data research applications; development of sustainable and livable communities; new technologies or innovative methodologies
  3. Relevance to (a) the goals and mandates of the Superfund Research Program and (b) SRP stakeholders such as EPA/ATSDR/states and communities
  4. Level of collaboration across disciplines

We plan to accept as many of the poster abstracts for presentation as space allows with priority placed on abstracts from Masters and PhD-level graduate trainees that are not accepted for Oral Presentations (these will automatically be considered for the trainee poster competition).

Abstract Format

Please include the following information:

  • Title
  • Authors (please ensure that the presenting author’s name is underlined, and include affiliations for all authors.)
  • Abstract – not to exceed 275 words (does not include authors’ names, affiliations, title, and references). Please note: one of the criteria for poster judging is the relevance of the research to (a) the goals and mandates of the Superfund Research Program and (b) SRP stakeholders such as EPA/ATSDR/states and communities. It is highly recommended to write abstracts in Plain English (free of jargon and obscure acronyms so as to be understandable to an engaged lay audience) to ensure clarity of the abstract for a broad audience.
  • Research Translation Component (included in 275 word count) – please describe how results of your work is being translated to stakeholders (state/local/federal government, small business, communities), and/or involves work on sites or within communities. For oral presentations, special consideration will be given to basic and applied research with a research translation component.
  • Recent Publications or References (if applicable.)

Upload Instructions

Do not exceed one page
1″ margins
5MB file size limit
.docx, .doc formats only
Name the file using the convention lastname_firstname